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Enjoy Music Lessons Today with Steve -- Now in Michigan. To contact Steve please call 323-491-9195 or email steve@musiclessonstoday.com

"Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best." - Henry Van Dyke

Instruments include: Guitar, Keyboards, Violin (Fiddle), Bass, Banjo, Flute, Saxophone, Mandolin, Voice, Uke and Harmonica. Lessons are approximately 100 dollars a month but can differ depending on whether I travel to the house of the student or they come to the Soul Searching Store.

Goals: My goal is to serve you and be your coach and guide. I would like to share my love and knowledge and experience for music with you. I would like to enhance your unique talents that at this time you may or may not recognize. We all have the ability to play and enjoy music. In any field it is best to surround ourselves with those who have more experience and knowledge and can convey that to us. This is my talent and this is what I intend to do for you.

Topics: Technique, Music Theory, Specific Songs, Improvisation, Artistic Expression and Creativity.

Your Instructor / Teacher / Music Friend:

Steve takes a personal interest in the student and their specific needs and interests.

Having degrees in psychology and music, and four decades experience teaching music in colleges, music stores, and student homes. He has also acquired lessons in Flute, Guitar, Saxophone and Keyboards from instructors at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Valparaiso University in Valparaiso Indiana, Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo Michigan and from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has taken lessons from two of Andrea Segovia's teachers. Steve has the capacity, patience, and understanding of human nature to build a positive learning experience for beginner to advanced students.

Whether you’ve never touched an instrument, or need help overcoming a technical or inspirational challenge -- Steve is ready to sit with you and get things moving! Lesson(s) may be customized to your specific needs (i.e. - combining techniques, music theory, specific songs, improvisation, and creating your own music. etc.) to expand your musical experience.

As of 2016, Steve is now in Michigan. If your schedule or traffic are challenging, consider discussing in-home lessons. Often students are more relaxed in their home environment.

After School Enrichment Program

Other teachers and myself offer a program that is designed to meet the needs of those wanting lessons on how to play instruments in an band or group situation. Our program is focused on that styles of Rock, Pop, Folk, Jazz. Students have fun learning songs that they know as they learn their instrument. The instruments offered at the after school Enrichment are: Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Flute, Saxophone, Harmonica, percussion instruments, Uke and Piano. Instruments are available for for sale.

To contact Steve please call

323-491-9195 or email steve@musiclessonstoday.com

Personal references are available upon request.



GUITAR: Electric, Acoustic and Classical (pick and finger styles) -

Beginners to advanced are welcome to enroll in lessons. Easy chords and improvisation tools are given to new students. Site reading and music theory is part of the whole picture. Technical exercises that will help you play more easily and bring you playing ability to a new level. Bring your own Cd's of the music you want to play and Steve can instantly 'hear' and translate the music into something you can play.

Steve is able to bring your technical and creative skills to a new level while helping you break through stagnate periods in playing. He also has the patience to help those just starting on the instrument.

Learn unusual things like harmonics different tunings and unusual as well as standard scales for improv.  Be able to connect finger patterns from one side of the neck to the other.   Learn slurs, harmonics, many different tunings,unique arpeggios using all fingers of the right hand, different picking styles and much more! Become aware of the physics of playing so that you can play clean and with lightning speed. Become aware of musical theory and how chords and scales are used to create music. The use of modes and how to apply them to popular songs.  I can coach you according to your interests and the way you would like to learn unless you choose to be guided from my format or a combination.

For more advanced students. I will customize my lessons to accommodate your personal goals and musical needs.

KEYBOARDS -  Learn chords, melodies and popular songs as well as professional tips on playing live.  Steve has played keyboards in several bands, so he can help you with learning current music.  Learn how to facilitate all fingers in their proper usage to move smoothly from one chord or passage to another. Become experienced with the capabilities of electronic keyboards. Experience being able to play bass lines with chords to have a full sound as accompaniment. Be able to accompany yourself as a singer. Learn chord progressions. Increase your ability to write and arrange your own songs and music on the keyboards. Increase your ability to site read. Find out what notes and scales work with certain keys and chords so that you can improvise. You may also want to have help with the functions of your keyboard.   I will help you learn how to use all those gadgets that you may not understand on your electronic keyboard.  

VIOLIN (FIDDLE) - Learn the fiddle through positioning the bow and learning how to hold it to get a good sound. Learn how to use the fingers on the fingerboard moving to different positions.  Learn how to play the shuffle and double stops. Learn positions up the neck. Play simple songs. Play bluegrass music using a method that will help you play many standard bluegrass songs. You will learn music notes and music theory in the process. Gain experience with holding the bow correctly, the violin correctly and the left hand positioning. Play bluegrass songs and learn how to read music while you are doing it! Increase your ability to play along with others by learning different keys and scales. I will help you play with other musicians so you will know how to improvise with them accompany and fill in where parts are needed and know what they are doing so you can follow.

I can help you learn by ear, by notes or a combination. We will have fun together making music!

BASS - Learn to play bass licks from a bass player who has played with an international touring band. Learn how to read the bass cleft and how to accompany other instruments in a band setting. Become experienced at the use of the right hand and the use of your fingers and how you can slap or be and increase dexterity. Use the left hand properly to have a minimum of motion while having a maximum of precision. Be able to pick out notes for songs and play bass lines immediately with other musicians. Learn your favorite bass lines that your favorite musicians play!  

BANJO - Learn all the rolls and how to play bluegrass banjo. Learn bluegrass tunes and how to play various chords up and down the neck. Be exposed to the basic technique of claw hammer as well as using finger picks. Learn how to read music and tablature. Learn how to accompany your voice..
Learn music theory while applying it to the banjo!

FLUTE - Learn how to improvise on the flute. Play various modal as well as major and minor scales. Learn how to read music playing the Flute. Learn how to get a tone out of the instrument.

SAXOPHONE - Learn the scales that will help you improvise on the saxophone. Be able to play charts for bands. Be able to play your favorite songs for your combo. Read music for the saxophone so that you can play scores with others..

MANDOLIN - Learn the basic chords on Mandolin. Learn how to get out of the first position into higher positions up the neck. Learn picking styles, chord progressions, scales and how to improvise and read music for the instrument, Get acquainted with thirds which play an important part of playing on this instrument. Be inspired by creating your own tunes and how it can be accomplished. Get help accompanying your voice.

VOICE - Improve your vocal abilities in combination with other instruments.

HARMONICA - Learn simple melodies on the harmonica. Learn how to use the right harmonica for the right song. Learn how to bend notes. Find out which harmonicas are used while other musicians are playing.

Uke - Explore chords and how to accompany your voice on the Uke. Play notes and songs!

In all these instruments you will learn to play scales improve your creativity, improvisational, theoretical and artistic skills.

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"Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen